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Welch Public Schools


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Thank you to the Welch community for passing the $3.9 million bond issue in March.  

On this page, you will find information related to bond projects as the work progresses.


August 2019


In March 2019, the construction and transportation bonds were passed by a 79% and 80% majority.  The community response was overwhelming and WPS is so grateful for the fantastic community support.  A huge thank you goes out to all who supported and voted for the bond issues. 


Over the summer, the transportation bond has been addressed.  Three new air conditioned route busses have been ordered.  There is a 120 day lead time on the busses.  The tentative delivery date is November.  The new Suburban and Ag truck have also been ordered.  There is an eight week lead time on these vehicles.  The delivery date for both of these vehicles is October.


On the construction side, over the summer, the gym floor has been refinished and quotes were approved on several stand alone projects.  Installation of the HS handicap lift, replacement of the west exterior HS doors, and construction of a 4 door storefront on the Wildcat Gymnasium will begin in early September.  


On the advice of our construction manager, John Humphrey of Stout Construction, the major construction/renovation projects were divided up into two groups.  Group 1 includes HS and Elementary Roof replacement, Football Field House renovation, Football Stadium renovation, Football Concession/Restroom/Ticket Booth renovation, Elementary and High School Hardened Storm Room construction, Old Gymnasium renovation, and Elementary Restroom renovation.  Group 2 includes Track resurfacing, Football and Softball Field Lighting replacement, Playground renovation, High School Classroom painting, Softball Concession expansion, Elementary Window replacement, and High School Window replacement.  Construction will begin this fall, continue for approximately 9 months, and is scheduled to be completed by July 2020.


Architectural design and specifying the projects mentioned above began last summer and will continue until the project bids are let out in September (Group 1) and early in 2020 (Group 2).  Construction on the HS roof will begin in October/November.  Football field house, stadium, and concession renovation will begin after the 2019 football season is over.  Old gymnasium renovation will begin after the 2019-20 basketball season is over.  Elementary roof replacement and restroom renovation will begin in May 2020.


Please check in periodically for more progress updates. 


Construction Update 8/8/19

The three busses have been ordered from Summit Bus in Tulsa (state bid list).  There is a 120 day lead time.  Delivery is November, approximately.  The suburban has been ordered from John Vance Motors in Guthrie (state bid list).  There is an eight week lead time.  Delivery date is TBD.  Once the AG truck is ordered, there is also an eight week lead time for delivery.  Upon approval, work on the west HS doors, the accessibility lift, and the gym storefront will begin

Bid Sequence for Projects       

          Tentative Fall Schedule

                    September - Let out bids

                    20 days later - Bids due

                    September – Accept bids at board meeting on the following projects:

                              HS Roof

                              Elem Roof

                              FB Field House

                              Stadium Painting and Seating

                              FB Concession/RR/Ticket Booth

                              Elem and HS Hardened Areas (shelter)

                              Gym Renovation

                              Elem Restrooms

Construction on field house, stadium, and concession will begin after FB season is over.  Gym renovation will begin after BB is over.  HS roof, Elem roof, and Elem restrooms will begin ASAP after bids are accepted.

          Tentative Spring Schedule

                    January - Finalize drawings and specs

                    Jan/Feb - Let out bids 

                    20 days later - Bids due

                    Accept bids at board meeting on the following projects:

                              Resurface Track

                              FB and SB Field Lighting

                              Playground Reno

                              Painting HS Classrooms

                              SB Concession Expansion

                              Elem Windows

                              HS Windows

                    These projects will tentatively begin in May 2020.

Construction Update 9/9/19

The materials for the HS, handicap lift, replacing the exterior western HS doors, and constructing a 4 door storefront on the Wildcat Gymnasium are on order.  I have been working closely with the architect on design issues and floor plans for the FB field house, FB concession, FB Stadium, ES roof, HS roof, ES and HS hardened areas, Old Gym, and ES restrooms.  The process is going well.  Plans for these projects should be finalized in about a week.  We should be going out to bids soon thereafter.  Bidding will be open for 20 days.           

Construction Update 10/18/19

We received the new Ag Truck on September 25.  It is a double cab, diesel with 4 wheel drive.  The 3 new route busses arrived on October 17.  At this point, there are two major overall issues to pay attention to.  First, is the fitting the actual cost of the proposed project into the budget.  Second, is the duration of the overall project.  The goal is to have all projects completed by the start of the 2020-21 school year.  We will be looking at all factors to keep costs down and complete 100% of the proposed projects on time.

Construction Update 11/12/19     

The NW and SW HS exterior doors are installed.  The Gym entry way is nearing completion.  The H-cap lift for the HS will be delivered and installed soon.  The lettering on the Ag truck is completed.  The suburban is to be ready in December.  The gym, field house, and concession plans have received fire marshal approval.  Demolition on the field house will begin as soon as we can empty the contents.  Elementary roof design is under consideration.  We are looking at scraping off the sprayed foam areas, putting down fluted insulation, and going with a fully adhered TPO roof (same as proposed for the HS roof) as the most cost effective solution.  Roofs, track, and lighting projects will be advertised and let out to bid in December.

Construction Update 12/9/19

A 40’ shipping container was purchased and the contents of the field house, concession, and ticket booth have been stored there.  Interior field house demolition has been completed.  New plumbing is being cut into the foundation.  Concession and ticket booth interior demolition has been completed.  Dirt work at the concession area is underway.  Stadium boards have been removed and some stored for future use.  Liberty electric will be installing a 400 amp service to the football field.  This will involve replacing a Liberty power pole.  Liberty has also agreed to remove the 4 old lighting poles before Christmas.  I am in discussion with them about selling us new metal lighting poles for the football field and the possibility of them putting the poles in the ground for us.  Demolition on the front of the old gym has begun.  This will allow for the work on the foundation for the new restrooms to begin.  Demolition on the interior of the old gym will begin March 1, after basketball.  Elem and HS roof designs are being completed by the architect.  We intend to go out for bids on the roofs and all remaining projects in January.    

Construction Update 4/30/20

  1. The Field House painting is complete. Contractors are currently working on flooring and exterior masonry. The projected completion date is May 1, except for painting the floor.

  2. The Concession/Ticket project is currently being painted and should be complete mid-May.

  3. The Stadium seating project is completed. The site paving should be completed by June 1st.

  4. The Indoor Practice Facility has been inspected by the Fire Marshall. The sheetrock will be installed next week.

  5. The Hardened Room Project will begin next week. The projected completion date is the end of May.

  6. The Elementary Restroom Project is preparing to start. The partitions have not been delivered yet.

  7. The High School roof Project is currently underway. This project is projected to be completed by the end of May.

  8. The Elementary Roof Project is also underway. This project is also projected to be completed by the end of May.

  9. The Football/Softball Lighting Project material should arrive mid-May.

Construction Update 7/10/2020

  1. The Field House will be complete when the lockers arrive in the next few weeks. 

  2. All pavement at the stadium is complete. There are new sidewalks to the stands, in front of concession/ticket area, from the parking lot, and to the track. 

  3. Painting has been completed for the Indoor Practice Facility. They are preparing to lay the turf. The batting cages have been ordered. We are currently working on addressing structural issues with the stage area so that it is secure for exercise equipment. 

  4. The Hardened Room projects at the high school and elementary school have been painted. Floor, ceiling, and door installation should be happening within the next week. 

  5. The roof project at the elementary and high school was completed in June. 

  6. The electricians have been working on the lighting at the football and softball fields. 

  7. The new windows for the high school have been ordered. There is a 6-8 week turnaround time. The project will begin in August and may take place while school is in session. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the school at 918-788-3129.