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Beadwork and Sculpture


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Greetings to all my faithful readers !,  

My Highschool Art 1 classes are beginning to do beadwork this week.  Beadwork is considered to be a Native American art form because most Native Tribes incorporated beading in one way or another in their lifes.  Of course, until Europeans introduced glass beads in the late 1500's-early 1600's, traditional beads were made from porcupine quills that had been died using native berries, etc.  Thus the glass beads were a very valuable trade item to the Natives.  Designs made by various tribes differed according to their location.  The Eastern Woodlands tribes based most of their beadwork designs on flora and fauna while the Western tribes were mainly geometric patterns.  So this week, students will begin designing and constructing their own beadwork.  The 3D art students will be finishing a piece of conceptual art.  It is a sculpture in the round which means it can be walked around and seen from all sides.  The concept they were challenged with was this:  Out of chaos comes order or vice versa, Out of order comes chaos.