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PT Conferences & Art


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As you can surmise, tonight is Parent Teacher Conference night for Spring 2018.   It is always good to visit with the parents of our students, sometimes meeting them for the first time.  I guess I am blessed to be the art teacher.  Art classes are operated under a totally different dynamic than the "regular" mainstream classes.  We don't operate out of a textbook, we don't depend upon written testing for the most part to help us determine a student's success.  Our curriculum basically is a test.  When you are in a project driven classroom, you are shown how to do something and then you do your best to perform, whether it be drawing, painting, pottery, beadwork, etc.  With the inclusion of the Chromebooks and exterior web cameras, I can video demonstrations (as much as possible ) so the students can use them for reference.  I think it is a good thing, but then, I'm not a student.  I think that most of my kids will leave the art environment with a better understanding of what it takes to produce a piece of art, more so than producing great works themselves.  I find that a lot of kids come in here thinking this will be a piece of cake and then learn that it is like everything else.  To be successful requires a lot of work, a lot of diligence and perseverance.  It is always good to have those students who are artistically "wired".  It is fun to see their efforts and their personal growth over the years.  

Anyway, I ramble on.  I've had a few parents come in while writing and true to being "Greg, the gray" my train of thought has jumped the tracks!  Thank you Welch parents and citizens for the opportunity to work with your kids, I hope I never disappoint you.  You are always welcome to call me or email me with your thoughts and concerns.  I believe I will wrap this up like Red Skelton used to close his program.  Good night and God bless !