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Where does art come from?


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Have you ever wondered where art comes from or what goes into making a piece of art?  The mind of an artist usually marches to the beat of a different drum, so to speak.  Art is pulled from the collective of all their experiences, both real and dreamed.  In fact there is an entire realm of art known as Surrealism that is basically painted from dreamscapes and dream experiences.  Artists need to know about different materials that can be put together to create the effect desired.  Artists are similar to writers.  We create our images out of paint or other materials, some is historical, sometimes fictitious or fantasy.  I've even seen some that is a mystery.  We toured Crystal Bridges earlier in the school year and saw a piece of art that was a mystery to all of us and to a museum employee. A student asked me why someone gets paid to paint a canvas a solid blue?  I could not come up with a reason.  A museum employee overheard the question and answered that he had no idea either.  So art comes from life and imagination.  Hopefully art is thought provoking to the viewer.  No matter what the piece is, know this, the artist has a deep feeling about the art they have created to share with the world around them.