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Winding Down


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We are rapidly approaching the end of this school year.  In the art room, this means only one, maybe two projects left to do and some end of the year testing done on Quizizz.  It seems like I always run out of time before finishing my agenda for the year.  This has been a somewhat tumultuous nine weeks.  With the teacher walkout dominating the Oklahoma news for a few weeks now I am very thankful for our Welch Enrichment Foundation's support.  We would not be able to do nearly as much without them.  I know it probably seems strange to most, but I am already reviewing my lesson layout for the 17/18 school year and deciding what I need to change for next year.  I don't think I have ever taught the same lessons from one year to the next.  Thanks to all of the students who took my class this year.  I will see some of you again next year and others I will see (possibly for the last time) at graduation.  I hope everybody has a great summer break!