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We're Baaaack !


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Hello everybody from Welch !  We are officially back in school for the 2018/19 school year.  Classes gete finalized today for anyone changing classes.  That means that beginning tomorrow in the Art department, lessons begin in earnest.  We have all been working on Zentangles during this transition/class changing time (except for the Elementary students).  On Thursday, the 30th of August, the Middle School and High School students will all begin studying from Standard 1 of the Oklahoma Visual Arts Standards.  I went to Nixa Missouri  last Saturday and picked up clay for the 3D class, so they will be beginning instruction on very basics of clay prep for usage on the wheel.  That's always fun!  

The Elementary classes have already began learning how to draw.  I am doing things a little different for them this year, hopefully they will be coming home telling you about (and showing you) what they learned .

I'm a Junior class sponsor this year too, meaning we have to run concession stands and try to make enough money for the Prom!  Coordinating the buying and stocking of product for the concessions occupies a lot of my time so let me apologize in advance if any of your kids comes home and tells you that Mr. Cruzan was "weirding out" over the prom !  It is very stressful !

If you need to contact me, you can call the school or send me an email.  I will do my best to return contact.