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A "wheely" good time !


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Hi everybody in Welch.  The art classes are all beginning to line out.  Art One kids are all working on a project we haven't done at the High School level for many years, weaving.  Weaving is a very traditional art form associated with many cultures around the world.  It is basically, artistically speaking, an exercise in line, shape and color.  I suppose you could add texture in there also.  Of all the crazy things, the Art Two students are learning how to properly write a few different versions of the alphabet (different font styles) in preparation for all the lettering that will be required of them this year.  The High School 3D class is working on two projects at once.  Three are learning the fine points of making a pot on the pottery wheel while the rest of the group is working on a rolled paper, self supporting sculpture.  The Middle School kids are working on a line puzzle.  They are doing a line drawing based on a photograph and then turning it into a new piece of art made from cut lines and shapes.  If you are the parent of an Elementary student, ask them this week to show you what they have drawn in class.  They have been working really hard on a pencil drawing, learning how to do some shading to show forms in a landscape drawing.  They have all been doing really good work.  

Until next time, 

Greg Cruzan