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Fall 2021


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Hello to everybody who reads my articles!

It's been a while since I put anything new on the "Middle Arth" page so I thought this virtual day would be a good time to do an update.  How about those Wildcats!!!  The kids are having a great year in athletics this year, it is really exciting having a winning football team again! Tonight they are playing for a place in playoffs as I understand it.  If they win, they are in so that's all I'm going to say because I hope they win.  

Things are pretty much back to a normal routine now as we are all getting used to covid becoming a flu like problem we will probably be living with the rest of our lives.  We are still spraying down our tables at the end of every class and doing all we can to keep your kids safe.  I think this is a good thing because it seems to help with all other infectious problems.

But anyway, in art we've been busy as usual.  The High school classes just finished their first one point perspective drawing.  We are moving into traditional Native American loom beading next to give everyone a bit of a break from drawing.  They have already competed what is probably considered their toughest assignment:  stippling.  There are some pretty nice stipplings hanging out in the hallway currently.  If you can imagine turning about 50,000 little bitty dots of black ink into a recognizeable subject on white paper then you have an idea of what doing a stippling project is like!

The pottery kids are still trying to get the hang of using that pottery wheel.  It's like riding a bicycle, you are going to have a few wrecks before you learn to ride but once learned you rarely ever forget.  Next week they are going to be trying to make a pair of matching coffee cups.  It is a real challenge to make to cups remotely the same shape and size and then to add matching handles--phew--tough stuff but Welch kids are always up to doing the difficult tasks.

The Middle School kids are in the middle of learning how to use a grid to enlarge a drawing.  Most of them took that home with them to work on today.  It usually is one of the most successful projects of the year for them and one they like to do.  After this, they will be moving into coil pottery and that is another project they all enjoy...so get ready for those Christmas presents parents!  

In the elementary we do a little bit of everything.    Elementary is quite a challenge to me.  Pretty much everything has to be started and finished in one class session because they are only here one day a week.  So we do short versions of projects.  We do quick color wheels, quick texture drawings, quick everything.  We even did a quick virtual trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC this last week.  Next week they will be learning about Pointillism and will painting with a q-tip !  That should be a fun day for them and maybe they will discover a technique for painting that they really get into. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you are all doing well.  since I probably won't be back on here prior to the event, I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving !